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Раскраска Overwatch Coloring Book

sdfs 381грн.
На складе: да

Оригинальное название: Overwatch Coloring Book

Автор:  Blizzard Entertainment

Жанр: Досуг и Хобби (Fiction / Fantasy / Epic)
Переплет: мягкий

Язык: английский

Размер: 27*21 см

Год выхода: 2017

Количество страниц: 88



“Overwatch: An Adult Coloring Book” is an epic volume of art capturing the spirit and wonder of Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning top game of 2016. This deluxe coloring book showcases the video game’s artistry through more than 75 pieces of concept art, paintings, and sketches. With breathtaking images of Overwatch’s characters, settings, and thrilling adventures, this coloring book has something for every Overwatch fan.